German immigration law requires visa from citizens of certain countries to enter Germany or at least to stay here longer. Visa are issued by embassies or consulates. Short-term stays up to 90 days are  governed by the rules of the Schengen Akquis, whereas longer stays require so called national visa. I help with both kinds.


Citizens of certain countries who do not require national visa (e.g. US citizens) would still need a residence permit, if they want to stay longer than their visa free period. The grounds for residence permits are for example studies, work or family reunification. I advise clients in respect of the requirements and the procedure.


EU citizens can stay in Germany because of the freedom of movement. However, there are various conditions, which I can explain and discuss with my clients.
When foreigners have lived for a number of years in Germany, they might want to apply for German citizenship. I consult in those questions and represent my clients in front of the authorities.

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